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About Us / Vision & mission & core Values

Welcome to Alpha High

Welcome to Alpha High, an institution designed to revolutionize education in Pakistan through experiential learning. Alpha High is home to a highly refined academic excellence program, where students thrive under the supervision of the best educationists in town. At Alpha High, we encourage students to develop skills and gain exposure to the real world by engaging in various activities throughout the year, while simultaneously providing a balanced student life experience.


Alpha High aims to be the hub of educational revolution:

Our primary goal is to ensure students receive a holistic learning experience. We believe it is necessary to develop essential skills and qualities in today’s youth that allow them to be well-rounded individuals and competent professionals in the future. Our program refines students, developing rationale, compassion, and wisdom.

We aim to inspire a culture of teamwork, discipline, and smart work, training students to realize their potential and utilize their skills to achieve their dreams.

We utilize effective teaching techniques, creating efficient education avenues and making learning an enjoyable experience for students. We aim to reinvent education, trailblaze, and to pioneer a model of continuous improvement in the education industry.

But most importantly, we – the Alphas – aim to deliver.

mission statement

We aim to provide extraordinary learning opportunities for our students at Alpha High School. A nurturing environment, a world-class curriculum, and an intellectually diverse community that will facilitate exceptional achievements amongst our students.

At Alpha High School our mission is to encourage a growth mindset in our students by instilling the following qualities in them:

"To connect. To succeed. To thrive. To own the future"

We want our students to seek personal best rather than perfection. We want them to learn and come out of their comfort zone, with a sense of humor and adventure. Our mission is to ensure that our Alphas achieve their personal best while holding the values of respect and integrity.