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4 Fantastic Societies at Alpha to Build Your Student Portfolio

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4 Fantastic Societies at Alpha to Build Your Student Portfolio

Thinking of enhancing your skills or finding like-minded people to build formidable friendships with? Here are 4 Societies at Alpha that bring fun into your student life and build your student portfolio too:


The smile society is the hub of all exciting social events at Alpha high. One of the most exciting societies at Alpha, it gathers all like-minded individuals with a passion for event management who plan, arranging and execute all social events. Hence their apt logo “We go that extra mile to make others smile”.

The goal of this society is to host events that create awareness for various societal and environmental issues along with developing a sense of responsibility

. Additionally, they help build better informed and pragmatic individuals within the school through their brilliantly managed events which can range from community services to charity drives.


The STEM society is a student-led society at Alpha High that engages students in real-life scenarios and encourages drive for invention. Students are exposed to situations that create a spark for knowledge and incite curiosity.

The Society focuses on 4 core areas, namely science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM society also tests ingenuity and innovation by holding competitions and is Alpha's incubation ground for new ideas.


The Mass comm society is a place to explore your natural gifts and hone your skills. Branched into 4 core areas, this is one of those societies at Alpha which are brimming with talent.

Serving as a place for students to explore many opportunities and build their portfolio, this is good choice for the artistic and imaginative. The core branches of this society are:

  • Arts: This branch of Mass Comm Society, is a meeting ground for like-minded individuals with imagination and passion for creation. Students interested in painting, sketching, drawing, and blogging about art are offered a plethora of colors and resources.
    Alpha lets the creativity flow, so students with an artistic flair can craft with abandon and display their creations.
  • Journalism:Those with the mind of a researcher paired with the activism of a social worker and aided with the power of pen are encouraged to take advantage of the journalism branch of Mass Comm Society.
    Students with a passion for writing and blogging are equipped with skills and resources to show their words to the world. This society keeps the joy of writing alive by organizing various writing, poetry, storytelling, and book reading competitions too.
  • Public Speaking:Offering a podium to speak your heart out, this society also helps prepare students to speak with wisdom, passion, and intelligence. This society hones public speaking skills through practice and propagation of your love for free speech.
    It offers the students a chance to display their skills through organizing well-moderated debates and declamations along with quiz competitions. Students are also encouraged to participate in both national and international level quizzing and debating events.
  • Drama:Students wishing to venture into the world of entertainment with a talent for emoting benefit greatly from the Drama Society. Anyone with the love for the art of expressions and delivering a performance that engages an audience is offered ample opportunity to showcase their talent.
    This society holds amazing annual drama events, where members of this branch also gain experience in resource management and exhibit teamwork along with their love for aesthetics and artistic presentation.


This society ensures all Alphas maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by introducing both new and tried and tested activities into the school modules.
Apart from this, this society contributes greatly into keeping the competitive spirit of Alpha alive by hosting both inter and Intra School sporting events. Alpha Sports festival is the brainchild of this society and one of the most awaited sporting events of the year.