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Mass Communication

In the day and age of media, awareness and literacy are essential for development! The Mass Communication Society allows students to explore the interpretation and expression of ideas. Branched into two core areas, this society hones talent and provides opportunities to build an astounding portfolio. The areas are:

Public Speaking

Journalism: Students passionate about research and activism find journalism ideal for their aptitude. With the power of the pen and the will to spread accurate information, students are encouraged to take advantage of the journalism branch of the Mass Communication Society.

Students with a passion for writing and blogging are equipped with skills and resources to empower the world with their unique ideas. This society keeps the joy of writing alive by organizing various writing, poetry, storytelling, and book-reading competitions.
Public Speaking: Offers students training and a podium to speak your heart out. This society helps prepare students to speak with wisdom, passion, and intelligence. This society hones public speaking skills through practice and propagation of your love for free speech.

It offers students a chance to display their skills through organizing well-moderated debates and declamations along with quiz competitions. Students are also encouraged to participate in both national and international level quiz and debate events.

Events & Activities